Flowmagic B.V. is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial LED lighting. Originally Flowmagic was a technical manufacturing company and has been developing new products and applications for the agricultural sector for over 35 years. Therefore, the first LED lights that Flowmagic developed were designed for use in greenhouses and horticulture. Through collaboration with various research institutes, Flowmagic has developed into a modern innovative company for LED-lighting for amongst others - the agro-industry and utility. Nowadays, Flowmagic is developing innovative products and product components on a daily basis. New applications are created, tailored and devised in accordance with the wishes and requests of our customers. Usually these new inventions can be taken into production within a few weeks. Flowmagic is constantly improving the products and distinguishes itself as a small but outstanding innovative and flexible company.



Flowmagic has developed the InlineLED system especially for industrial lighting and lighting solutions and for those situations in which high light quality and operational reliability are required. Due to the fact that our InlineLED systems have in practice proven to be very reliable and of sound quality, they are used by even the most demanding customers at home and abroad.


The Flowmagic InlineLED system is available as a standard module with prismatic diffuser (in different versions). Custom-tailored options are also obtainable, such as modules provided with various lens solutions, or as a waterproof module fitted in a waterproof tube or pipe. This makes the InlineLED systems very suitable for flexible use in buildings ranging from a height of 2 meters up to 30 meters.

The InlineLED system is a flexible system, that can be used as a stand-alone product, but can also be built up to long lines of light These light lines can be built with specially designed InlineLED cable parts and / or cable connectors and plug systems.


For outdoor applications, Flowmagic can offer you the InlineLED systems in splash-proof and /or waterproof modules with qualifications IP65 to IP 67. This creates additional application possibilities.



Car parks:

The LED lighting modules can be delivered in various lengths, with or without connectors and /or the InlineLED cable parts and /or cable connectors and plug systems or other linking devices.

The modules are supplied with mounting brackets and they can be easily attached directly to the wall or mounted to the ceiling. It is also possible to mount the luminaires in a pendant suspension.

Our customers decide on a commercial basis to proceed to purchase LED lighting. In order to support the customer in his considerations Flowmagic provides project-based light simulations.
The cost savings which can be expected within a period of 10 years are portrayed in a comparative economic spreadsheet and Flowmagic also offers you a free quote. It's up to the customer to decide.

To give you an idea:
Depending on the application of the InlineLED system, it can lead to an energy saving of up to 40 to 70 percent. The InlineLED system delivers a return on investment period of approximately 2 -5 years.



By using the Flowmagic InlineLED systems, all buildings - in the Netherlands (and abroad) - could from now on save much energy and profit on a viable economic base by substantial energy savings. Flowmagic works extremely flexible and customizable. Of course we would also like to give you a quote for your project!

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